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Eureka! The Thread that leads to my Goal goes through the Net! ‘-cried the cat, while wagging his tail.

Shredding this little piece, from the limited imagination of this clumsy editor, we can already begin to unravel the skein of Online Marketing.

-The Goal: selling and/or promoting a specific product or service or a product line, share my passion for Japanese helicopters, provide information about the weather or the parliament, raise funds for victims of Hurricane Katrina …

-The Thread:

How to do this?

Where to start?

What means to use?

Who to call?

What language to use?

Who do you want to meet?

-The Cat:

Who am I? Where am I …?;-)

-eureka !: This word has here an encouraging goal. Literally: ‘I found it!’

-The Net: the working context. More and more each time, we hear that there is no marketing without Online Marketing; or even that Online Marketing is marketing itself, much like Napoleon: ‘Le Marketing, c’est moi!’

Without going so far, we can say that it is perfectly possible to develop a marketing strategy by working on the background of the Net. That said, it would be a shame to overlook the know-how of traditional marketing and the enormous potential of conventional media.

In all cases, we see more and more the Net as the key basis; and the strategy remains the one that has to adapt. So far, and quite logically, it was the other way around: web strategy was adapted to the overall strategy of the project.

However, each project is different and it would be unwise to make generalizations about it.

Good websurfing! 🙂

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