Online Marketing

-Eureka! The Thread that leads to my Goal goes through the Net! -cried the cat, while wagging his tail.

Online Marketing


Shredding this little piece, from the limited imagination of this clumsy editor, we can already begin to unravel the skein of Online Marketing.

-The Goal:

selling and/or promoting a specific product or service or a product line, share my passion for Japanese helicopters, provide information about the weather or the parliament, raise funds for victims of Hurricane Katrina …

-The Thread:

How to do this?

Where to start?

What means to use?

Who to call?

What language to use?

Who do you want to reach?

-The Cat:

Who am I? Where am I …?;-)

-eureka !: This word has here an encouraging goal. Literally: ‘I found it!’

-The Net:

the working context. More and more each time, we hear that there is no marketing without Online Marketing; or even that Online Marketing is marketing itself, much like Napoleon: ‘Le Marketing, c’est moi!’

Without going so far, we can say that it is perfectly possible to develop a marketing strategy by working on the background of the Net. That said, it would be a shame to overlook the know-how of traditional marketing and the enormous potential of conventional media.

In all cases, we see more and more the Net as the key basis; and the strategy remains the one that has to adapt. So far, and quite logically, it was the other way around: web strategy was adapted to the overall strategy of the project.

However, each project is different and it would be unwise to make generalizations about it.

Good websurfing! 🙂

Let’s Get Started!

Once we’ve browsed, searched, bought, we communicated and we have seen the interest of the network, where to start?

Let's get started!

To be on the Internet, it is important to think, first, about a web strategy to achieve our many goals and make good decisions about our online presence.


Then we have to create, of course, a website using the available tools: from the simplest and most intuitive to the most complex. To be online is not necessary to know them in detail, but it’s worth knowing what they look like.


Once you have an idea of what to do, it’s good to put it in writing, to make a preliminary assessment of the initial investment and fixed costs. We have included tools such as a quiz and a glossary to help you find your way.


You can add comments on the blog or contact us directly if necessary. We wish you a nice trip and good business!